Greetings dear ones,

It is with heavy heart that I bring to you news of a decision made by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for and on behalf of a request of the current Board of Directors of the Unarius Academy of Science in El Cajon, Ca. As of December 5, 2017, the owner and student of the Unarius United site has been informed that he may no longer use the name Unarius in the domain name because it is trademarked.

As some of you are aware, Ernest L. Norman, the author of the Unarius Science crossed over in 1971. His wife Ruth crossed over in 1993. In 2003, a Board of Directors consisting of students decided to trademark the name “Unarius” to prevent anyone from using that name, giving those on this Board of Directors power over other students of Unarius. This trademark was done without disclosure to all students of this Science. Ever since, these Directors have deemed themselves judge, jury, and executioner of not only their fellow students but the Science itself.

Ernest Norman would never ever have trademarked the name “Unarius,” given unto the earth world for its human population to use and work their way out of an 3rd dimensional earth realm into the Higher Spiritual Realms beyond earth’s grasp. This, the Board of Directors knew, and therefore did not contact Dr. Ernest L. Norman’s core students (students that have been completely dedicated to this Science and its Principles for many years, even those who had been in personal contact with the Moderator Himself while He still walked this earth plane). Had these core students been contacted, confiscation and suppression of this Science would never have been permitted.

Core students did not know this trademark was being implemented. But in 2016, the Unarius United site owner/student was served with legal papers to cease and desist dispensing the Unarius Science as presented by Dr. Norman. This was the first attempt by the Board of Directors who call themselves the “Unarius Academy of Science” to shut down the site unless the site owner (the last surviving student that Dr. Norman himself personally mentored in the Science) agreed to let this Board of Directors have complete control of what was to be dispensed. These Directors are not core students of Dr. Norman. Of course, the answer was NO!

Per Dr. Norman, no student has the right to stop another from practicing and dispensing what was given to the world to use. So the site endured. Almost another year goes by and these same Directors attacked from another direction, using WIPO to shut down the Unarius United site.

The core teachings given to mankind by Ernest Norman were sadly corrupted/misaligned by the Unarius Academy of Science through the years after he crossed over. They put to the front of their curriculum UFO conspiracy, laying bets for landing predictions that never realized, man-made teachings, and idolization, objectives completely against the core teachings. If any Unarius student did not go along with this UFO agenda, they were ostracized, referred to as a negative force, and not considered a true student. Some students even received legal papers from those Directors and told not to come back to the Unarius Academy of Science building in El Cajon, Ca. This is not what a true Unarius student of this Science would do to another, if they understood the Principles of Unarius and practiced them.

This is why, after years of discouragement and disheartening, which had been perpetrated by self-appointed Directors, and their so-called version of the Unarius Science as they saw it, a site called “Unarius United” was created. Unarius students could now, without fear of discrimination or expression, freely express and participate with other like-minded students the Science that had been given to them and the world to use without judgement or persecution from another human being.

There will always be a struggle between positive and negative forces upon earth planes, and that is what is transpiring now.

All that viewed and participated in the beautiful Light-filled Unarius United site know of the positive energies that not only are incorporated into its creation, but also benefited those who participated. Thousands of viewers from every part of the world are spiritually prompted to this amazing site, making that polarization an integral part of their future growth/evolution. And, although we have been told that we can no longer use the name Unarius United for our website, please be assured that the negative forces that have been fighting the Light for thousands and thousands of years will not destroy this beautiful Science called, “UNARIUS.” We will keep our website alive, choose another name, and that name too will carry the light.

Our love and compassion go out to the very ones who are trying to destroy those whose only wish is to be left alone and in peace, so all Unariun students can practice the Principles that are in the Unarius books channeled into this world by their Teacher, Ernest L. Norman.

So dear ones, in a few days, the Unarius United site will no longer be our official site. In the days that remain, feel free to SIGN UP as a student, or CONTACT US to stay in touch for information on where to go and continue studying Dr. Norman’s priceless teachings. Otherwise, do not despair. Search, you will be spiritually guided, and you will find us.

Our Love and Light Always