Of Atoms and Astronauts

hqdefaultVoiced and Written in 1971.

Dr. Ernest Norman discusses in clear, succinct language, the reality of the electromagnetic design of solar mechanics and its effect on all aspects of man's human anatomy and mind. He also discusses the physics of matter and the physics of the fourth dimension, mind telepathy, and the abnormal reactions of the returned astronauts, the genesis rock fallacy, as well as the misconceptions of scientists' sightings.

Audio and transcription only. It is, as with all other vehicles of Unarian concepts, lessons created as a tool. Which can be used by any individual to dig himself out of the burrow of his material existence.  They are lessons which compound within themselves, all of the vastness of Infinity.

Inside are 8 lessons of Dr. Ernest L. Norman's teachings:

Course Of Study Curriculum:

Lesson 1 -   The Physics of Matter and Energy
Lesson 2 -   Misconceptions of Astronauts' Sightings & Weightlessness
Lesson 3 -   ESP, Mind Telepathy, Telekinesis Viewed Psychically
Lesson 4 -   Atomic Energy, the Red Shift, and the Doppler Effect
Lesson 5 -   Electromagnetic Waveform Fields - Atoms vs Mass
Lesson 6 -   Continuation of Einstein's Theory
Lesson 7 -   Interdimensional Isotopes and the Wind
Lesson 8 -  The New Cosmology: An Infinite Perspectus